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Hello and welcome on this website dedicated to Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International. My name is Bart De Wolf. I am a Belgian citizen born 1966 in the outskirts of Belgium's capital Brussels.

My father was a language teacher and my mother a stay at home mom. My two sisters were born after me.

After twelve years of catholic religion classes at elementary and secondary school I wondered whether God really existed. But I did not believe at that time.

After another four years of study, this time at the Brussels Free University where we no longer had religion classes, I was hardly wondering about godly things any more.

And I jumped with both feet into the worldy life. Soon I was cohabiting with a girl friend. Experimenting with alcohol and pills. Running after all things esoteric like I Tjing, Feng Shui, and so on. Obsessed with the sexual, I ended up visiting prostitutes, clubs, and massage parlors. I was advancing rapidly on the stairs of wordly experiences, but was not aware that these stairs were actually going down...

After a few years I broke up with the girl friend, then had some three-months-long relationships. Then, in a moment of loneliness, despair and sadness, I said out aloud I did not want to go on like this, and that now I was going to marry.

Shortly after I met a young woman from El Salvador in a Yoga class in Brussels. She became pregnant and then we decided to marry and move to El Salvador. In July of 1996 we moved to El Salvador. At the end of that same year out first daughter was born.

Early 1997 I was invited for the first time in my life to a Hispanic FGBMFI chapter. I liked it so much that I signed up as a member immediately. But after a few months I could not assist to the weekly chapter meeting for two consecutive weeks, and then I forgot.

In 1998 I remembered, started to assist again and went to a weekend training seminar. That same year I also started to go to church. Many things happened that made me grow in faith and lead me to adopt Psalm 26:1 as my life verse : I have trusted in the Lord WITHOUT WAVERING.

My second daughter, only son and third daugher were all born in El Salvador. In May of 2010 my family and I moved back to Belgium.

I am an IT pro and the internet and the whole business of domain names became of particular interest to me. Over the years I had the opportunity to purchase some fgbmfi related domain names, amongst which is where you are reading now.

God bless,

Bart De Wolf
Belgium Photo of my family

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